All of my offerings stem from a love of people, Earth, and a desire to share within community. I aim to create welcoming spaces and touchpoints of connection within and outside of our container.

One-on-One Herbal Consultations

I work individually with people to address concerns they may have in any and all of the interrelated aspects of health. In our work together, my main goal is to be sure that I understand your stated goals and that we are working towards them in a transparent, non-judgmental way. Together, we work to assist your body in doing its healing work and your capacity to be present, active, and self-trusting in that process. This type of appointment is for folks who are seeking to work with an herbalist longer term.



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Acute Care Consults

These are one-off appointments for acute (not emergency) issues. They are generally 30 minutes for $30 (not including herbs). They work well for people who don’t have a lot of other complicating factors and/or medications.


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Plant Walks

Curious what plants might already be growing in your yard, garden, neighborhood, or another area? Curious how to grow certain medicinals or to steward native plants? I offer guided plant walks where we can talk about some of the herbaceous beings that commonly pop up in our landscape. Available for folks in the Portland Metro area.

Email me to discuss and schedule a plant walk for your group or event.

Supported Plant Exploration

This is an offering for people looking for a support person in their work toward forming and remembering their connection to plants. There is flexibility and responsiveness in this offering, but generally it will involve identification of a plant for you to work with, whether for ancestral purposes, because that plant is in your environment, or another reason. It could involve sitting with the plant, meditating with a preparation of the plant, tending a plant, etc. It could also involve relevant divinatory practices if clarity is needed.


This is your personal journey and one of more fully recognizing our place and impact within our environments and to other humans and non-humans. It is a supported exploration. I offer it because I have experienced the power of being supported, validated, reflected, and challenged by others in my own explorations. We cannot find our way to liberation alone. I am not training you in anything or in any particular tradition. This offering is more about what you find within your environment and yourself than what you may learn “externally.”


This offering is available for you to repeat as many times as you desire and is also open to small groups, households, or duos who may want to work with a plant together for a time.


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Skill Build Appointments

Are you looking to build a specific skill-set as a person who is learning about plant medicine? I am happy to share what I know. This can include how to make a certain medicinal preparation, working through general herbal topics, or chatting about working with people. I’m here as a resource for you.


Click here to schedule a Skill Build and here to learn more about this type of appointment. (También disponible en español!)

A note on pricing: My herbal consultations are offered at justice pricing (sliding scale), which you can learn more deeply about in my FAQ on the botom of my What to Expect in Consultations page. For some of my offerings, the price is more fixed. However, I am not a very “fixed” type of person. If my pricing is inaccessible to your situation, I encourage you to reach out if you need a payment plan or if there is a barter or work trade that would be mutually supportive to us both. This type of flexibility allows more access and agency for all of us involved. It is very important to me that herbalism and all forms of healing are available to all people. Western herbalism is a hodge podge of different herbalisms put together, a large majority being taken, often without credit or benefit, from the cultural contexts and lands of people of the global majority. I do my best, especially as my practice grows, to create multiple points of access so that this knowledge and this support is not out of reach for anyone.

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